Audacity Editing Project

Audacity Editing Project:


Grade Level: High School


Date & Time: 10/3 10:00 AM


Objectives: Students will be able to use the editing and generator tools in audacity to change the sound of a voice recording. Students are free to have their own creative ideas, as long as they use at least 3 different effects.


Materials: Computer, Audacity software, microphone





1. Record a 30 second narration. This can be anything the student chooses, but preferably something music-related, such as a description of a piece of music or artist.

2. Open audacity, click import, import audio file.

3. Use the default “I” shaped cursor to select a section of the audio file.

4. Click the “Effect” button in the navigation bar at the top of the screen.

5. Choose any effect such as change pitch, change speed, paulstretch, etc.

6. Apply multiple effects as needed.

7. Click File > Export Audio

8 Submit file to teacher.



1. The student effectively presents their project and describes the effects they used, and if there is a reason why.




Assignment is on a 3-point rubric as follows:


3 points – Student uses at least 3 different effects, and confidently presents their work with descriptions of what they used.

2 points –  Student uses less than 3 different effects, and confidently presents their work with descriptions of what they used.

1 point – Student adds no effects, but has some editing involved. Student does not present their work in detail.

0 points – Student does not submit assignment.

Imagine: Generate musical ideas for various purposes and contexts.
Plan and Make: Select and develop musical ideas for defined purposes and contexts.
Apply criteria to evaluate music based on analysis, interpretation, artistic intent, digital, electronic, and analog features, and musical qualities.