Incredibox Project

Week of 9/12:
Music Concept/Title of Lesson: Incredibox

Grade Level: Elementary School

Date & Time: 9/19/17 10:00

Objectives: Students will be able to create music in various styles using “drag and drop” methods. Make a complete song with seven parts including at least a bassline, percussion, and a melody.

Materials: Computers with internet access,

1. Log on to computers.
2. Go to
3. Select version to use (up to user preference).
4.Drag an icon (looks like an accessory).
5. Drop it on a character.
6. Repeat process.
7. Hover over characters to see options for mute, monitor, and an “X” to delete the character.

Students will be graded on completeness of the assignment based on the criteria mentioned.

Plan and Make: Select and develop musical ideas for defined purposes and contexts.
Imagine: Generate musical ideas for various purposes and contexts.