Sibelius Transposition Lesson Plan

Tech for Music Ed
Sibelius Notation Assignment
Music Concept: Notation Assignment
Grade Level: High School
Date & Time: 11/30 10:00
Students will be able to use notation software to notate a melody from their books and use some functions of the program
to transpose the part into another instrument.
• Computer Lab
• Sibelius
• Standard of Excellence book (or equivalent)
• MIDI Keyboards (if available)
1. Have students select a small piece from their exercise book.
2. Open Sibelius. Under New Score select your respective clef.
3. In the Document Setup, set your time signature, key signature, tempo, and title/composer.
4. In the score edit screen, press ‘N’ to select the note input tool.
5. Click the lines and spaces on the staff to input a note.
6. The number pad on the keyboard represents different note values. Look at the window that shows the corresponding
numbers and note values.
7. Once the students have input their piece correctly, ask them to play it back and check it for errors.
8. To enable playback, click the Play tab in the toolbar and find the playback controls.
9. Now the students must transpose their part for another instrument.
10. In the home tab of the ribbon, click the change instrument button (icon with the clarinet and saxophone). Select an
instrument with different transposition to the original, click to the left of the instrument staff
11. Click the Transposing Score button.
12. Clean up score by deleting empty measures.
13. When finished, press Ctrl+P to print. Hand in assignment.
Checklist for Assignment:
• Identical in note pitches to original – 10 pts
• Identical in note durations to original – 10 pts
• Labeled with correct title and composer – 5 pts
• No empty measures – 5 pts
• Labeled with correct instrument – 10 pts
• New instrument part has correct transposition and key signature – 10 pts
5 Reading and notating music.