Probably the last post of the year. It’s been a crazy semester. To be honest I think I missed a few of these biweekly posts due to the fact that time just seems to disappear. On the bright side, I now know how to write lesson plans and a complete unit, I can play the french horn, the string instruments, and my piano chops are getting better. CFON had a great semester with the new group. I was nervous for awhile that we weren’t getting through the arrangements fast enough, but as always I was surprised to see that we pulled it together and had a great concert with four new songs. Finals are… as expected. My most difficult one will probably be conducting, at least as far as I can tell based on the rubric. Lots of things to worry about. Western final went well; it was nice to find out that it was mostly multiple choice. Honestly everybody in that class crammed before every major test. I think if we had more periodic assignments, we would internalize the information better. Just a thought. Nevertheless, I still learned about 700 years of music history I knew nothing about before this class, even if I only remember the baseline techniques and composers. I look forward to winter break. I don’t like to just do nothing, so I usually spend the month learning things I WANT to learn, rather than what I’m told to for my major. I also spend the time practicing piano and trombone. Not so much euphonium, but I work the euphonium chops in the process of playing trombone. My goals this break are to arrange a new song for CFON, record a couple covers (possibly one on guitar), and do some reading. I never get to read for leisure during the semester, and I look forward to tearing through a bunch of jazz history books. That’s the one thing I wish they taught here at Keene State. The jazz history class got canned after Baldini left, but I took about ten of his personal books on the subject when he cleaned out his office.

2017 was quite the year. It’s not over yet, but I doubt anything of note will happen between now and January. Between going to Africa, traveling with NAFME/Chamber Singers, and moving into my own apartment, this has definitely been a year of firsts. See you on the other side, hopefully with some more songs under my belt and plenty to talk about jazz history.

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