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Concert band is over. It was a great concert. The best concert. Probably the best sounding one since I’ve been here. But all great things must end. Moving on with the semester, I took a trip last thursday to Connecticut with the Chamber Singers (plus the Conducting I class), to do a choral exchange at two high schools, Middletown and RHAM. I really enjoyed one of the songs they sang at Middletown High that mimicked a thunderstorm with body percussion. That night we went to an open rehearsal for the Hartford Symphony Orchestra. It was definitely a new experience for me. It’s an entirely different sound when the theatre isn’t full of people. They were more in tune than any other ensemble I usually hear. The floor shook when the basses entered. The massive viola section sounded like just one voice. I was thoroughly impressed. Another thing I thought was neat was just seeing all the players in every day clothes. They’re no celebrities, but usually the players are only seen in tuxedos and dresses. It was a nice reminder that despite how good these players are, they are still normal people and came from a similar path to me.

I tried to stay in Connecticut at my hometown for the weekend to work on a paper for my Western Music History class and write some lesson plans for Curriculum and Assessment, but a tree fell on the power lines down the road from my house, shutting off the power and WiFi for two days. So much for that. I went back to campus Saturday morning and camped out in the library. Got about half of the paper done. My “chosen” topic is the usage of secular Cantus Firmi in sacred music of the early medieval era, however there is very little accessible info on this. Most articles I found had to be rented for WAY more than this paper is worth.

CFON had their Fall Invitational about a week and a half ago. We debuted a couple new songs including Believer (Imagine Dragons) and Gravity/Run to You (Various Artists, Pentatonix). The concert went well, and one other group came to perform too. All in all, a good concert.

We have more orchestra rehearsals, now that the brass have to come on Mondays. So that’s another hour and half spent sitting there. But the pieces are really coming together; the string sections sound more and more in tune, and the pieces are starting to tell a story. I look forward to the rest of the concerts this semester, ESPECIALLY jazz band. We are starting to sound like a professional group. It’s almost like we go to school for this or something.

Anyway, the semester is coming to a close, and just about every class is throwing everything it has at me. I heard this year would be the hardest; didn’t believe it until now. I mean, it’s not like it gets easier from here. Wish me luck.

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