Blog Post 9/14

Third week of classes. Finally getting into the swing of things. Notable new things include a string methods class, which I just joined late. Violin is easier than I thought, and I look forward to practicing it more. Chock Full O’ Notes, my acapella group, held their yearly auditions on Sunday and Wednesday. Less than 20 people auditioned, but we don’t really need the numbers. We were on the lookout for male singers, considering most of the men we had in the group left for various reasons. However, we weren’t as lucky as we hoped and only had one guy that we decided should be in the group. We chose three new women as well. Should be good semester, even with the new sound we have with a soprano-heavy group.

This website is coming together. I ran into a few issues with the text formatting and some useless buttons, but they’ll get worked out soon. I wrote a lesson plan for elementary school that involves students creating music on incredibox.

I look forward to making more progress on this blog/portfolio, and generally getting better at some things throughout the semester.

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