Things Are Picking Up

Now that we’re about a third of the way through the semester, I have a few exams this week. Today I have sort of a mid-term exam in conducting. I prepared well for it, but I feel it could take years for this to become natural. It’s honestly almost like dancing, another thing I’m not good at. I never got to actually conduct the class prior to today, so it’s definitely going to be surprise how this goes. In terms of my Western exam, I feel like everyone is a little unprepared. This is probably because we had very few class meetings, and covered about 400 years of history, as well as some info on Pythagoras and Boethius. It’s a lot of information, but I find its a little easier when I group things together. History is a story, not a list of facts. It’s very interesting, I just wish I had more time to learn about it.

In CFON news, I finished arranging and recording two multitrack covers: Madness, a hard hitting pop/rock song by the English band Muse; and Believer, an eery song by Imagine Dragons. In both covers I applied some new techniques for acapella I always wanted to try out. Because I upgraded to Logic Pro X, I was able to use some handy editing tricks. In Madness, the bass drops down an octave on the second half of every measure. It’s definitely not possible to sing, but as far as cool sounding covers go, it works perfectly. In Believer, I didn’t use any editing to get the low notes, I instead used some throat singing techniques to get powerful bass drops on the chorus. Both covers are on my Soundcloud. We spent a full night of rehearsal showing off what everybody arranged, and I have to say, it’s going to be a good semester for CFON. There are some really talented musicians in the group, as well as some new arrangers.

In the methods classes I’m taking, we finished up the first set of instruments. Trumpet has made way for trombone, and starting on Monday I’m now learning the viola. I think we’re moving a little quick, but as far as having enough skill to teach the instruments, I guess I’m alright. I’ve also learned some good techniques for teaching brass, even though I already knew how to play the instruments.

I picked my classes for next semester and I’m taking exactly what I’m expected to take. No choices this time. I’m a little behind on my ISP’s, so I’m looking into making them up at a community college this summer. Graduating on time would be nice.

Overall, it’s been a terribly busy two weeks, but I’ve learned a lot. I’m looking forward to getting over with today so I can go home this weekend. We have a Collegiate Retreat on Saturday for NAfME. That should be fun, but honestly I’m getting in my car and driving back to Connecticut as soon as it’s over.

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